Jewelleries are also known as semi-precious stones or gems which are personal ornament mostly worn by women. This has different impact in different cultures. Here are few fun facts about it.

Impact of it in India

Jewellery has been worn by Indian women since ages. Indian women are judged by the number of jewellery they wear on daily basis. It is important for all married women to be dressed up well in some basic jewellery. This would include wedding rings Adelaide, the auspicious wedding chain which is made out of black and gold beads commonly known as “mangalsutra” along with red pigment made of powder on their forehead. When a married woman doesn’t wear jewellery it is considered as bad luck in India so even the poorest woman needs to wear some sort of ornament to decorate herself.

Cultural and scientific significance of these semi-precious stones

In India most of the women wear nose ring. In fact in some villages when they pierce the ears of baby girl they pierce the nose as well. According to their culture a married women isn’t completely ready unless she wears her nose ring. Rich families go to the most reputed good jewellery stores to customize their nose ring which would be made of expensive gems. According to scientific research women who wear nose ring have less pain during labour. Another common personal ornament is necklace which is worn by women all over the world. In fact women who are well off custom design their own diamond necklace to signify their status. In India, it is believed that wearing necklace brings good luck. Lastly, bangles is something every Indian married woman is supposed to wear on a daily basis. Wearing bangles is a sign in India that the woman’s husband is alive. In fact most of the newlyweds wear red bangles for at least a year, and it is the first thing which they destroy when their husband dies. Scientifically bangles helps to increase woman’s blood circulation.

Impact of it in general society

Regardless of the culture, jewellery is important all over the world. Any occasion is incomplete with a bit of personal ornaments. Diamonds all over the world signify love, in fact exchanging jewellery made out of diamond is a way to confess love. This is why men go for diamond rings when they propose their girlfriend. There is growing fashion for men’s personal ornaments as well such as cufflinks, men’s bracelet or rings. It helps to enhance their look.Women love to wear jewellery, even if they don’t like to layer themselves up with heavy necklaces they like to decorate themselves with simple things like bracelets which helps to upgrade their look.