Every year, different trends pop up in every single field: be it new discoveries or celebrity influences, small occurrences and events have often snowballed into worldwide trends and changed demand and supply for specific industries. One such trend that is very relevant at the moment is the trend of wearing gemstones. To be more precise, the correct term used is healing stones. You might wonder how this exactly is a trend – after all, precious gemstones have been used as jewellery for more than a thousand years almost everywhere in the world. However, recent years have seen the sale of gemstones and related jewellery significantly increase as a result of health and fitness-related opinions that gemstones have a capability of healing individuals – hence the term healing stones. The healing is often described in terms of spiritual healing or chakra healing.If you also want to get onto this trend of wearing gemstone jewellery, here are the most popular varieties of healing stones and what they represent:

  • Clear quartz – quartz is often seen as a light purple-hued gemstone, but as the name suggests, clear quartz retains a translucent, clear outlook. It is this transparent appearance that makes it an ideal choice as a healing gemstone, as it is believed to be able to heal any sort of issue (whether emotional, mental or even physical).
  • Rose quartz – yet another popular inclusion in gemstone bracelets, rose quartz has a rosy hue and true to its appearance, it represents harmony and love. As a result, it is suited to help individuals with emotional issues that are related to love. Of course, this is not limited to the romantic meaning of the term: it applies to familial love, forgiveness, self-love, and other notions of the term. Additionally, given its affinity for love, rose quartz has a calming and soothing presence overall, making it also a good candidate for individuals who seek some form of comfort or respite due to emotional or psychological troubles.
  • Citrine – with its yellowish and warm colour, citrine is a beautiful gemstone that is believed to bring in prosperity into the life of its wearer. The prosperity is often a financial one, and thus, the stone is also often not worn, but simply stored away in a desk, locker or other location where valuables are stowed away. This gemstone is ideal for you if you are experiencing financial troubles of any sort, or are simply waiting for your big break as well.
  • Black tourmaline – if protection is what you seek from a gemstone, then black tourmaline is the answer for you. As a protective gemstone, this gem is arguably the most popular, and it actually does protect you from the EMF frequencies emitted by electronic devices, for example.